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titleChanging Incidence and Risk Factors for Kaposi Sarcoma by Time Since Starting Antiretroviral Therapy: Collaborative Analysis of 21 European Cohort Studies
journalClin. Infect. Dis.
ISBN1537-6591 (Electronic) - 1058-4838 (Linking)
authorsWyss, N
Zwahlen, M
Bohlius, J
Clifford, G
Campbell, M
Chakraborty, R
Bonnet, F
Chene, G
Bani-Sadr, F
Verbon, A
Zangerle, R
Paparizos, V
Prins, M
Dronda, F
Le Moing, V
Quiros-Roldan, E
Mussini, C
Miro, JM
Meyer, L
Vehreschild, JJ
Obel, N
Mocroft, A
Sabin, C
Brockmeyer, N
Boue, F
Spagnuolo, V
Hasse, B
De Wit, S
Roca, B
Egger, M
and the Swiss HIV Cohort Study