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titleSurvival of HIV-positive patients starting antiretroviral therapy between 1996 and 2013: a collaborative analysis of cohort studies
journalLancet HIV
ISBN2352-3018 (Electronic) - 2352-3018 (Linking)
authorsTrickey, A
May, MT
Vehreschild, JJ
Obel, N
Gill, MJ
Crane, HM
Boesecke, C
Patterson, S
Grabar, S
Cazanave, C
Cavassini, M
Shepherd, L
Monforte, AD
van Sighem, A
Saag, M
Lampe, F
Hernando, V
Montero, M
Zangerle, R
Justice, AC
Sterling, T
Miro, JM
Ingle, SM
Sterne, JAC
Boulle, A
Stephan, C
Chene, G
Costagliola, D
Dabis, F
del Amo, J
Guest, J
Haerry, DHU
Hogg, R
Smith, C
Reiss, P
Teira, R
Williams, M
and the Swiss HIV Cohort Study