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titleLong-term trends in mortality and AIDS-defining events after combination ART initiation among children and adolescents with perinatal HIV infection in 17 middle- and high-income countries in Europe and Thailand: A cohort study
journalPLoS Med.
ISBN1549-1676 (Electronic) - 1549-1277 (Linking)
authorsJudd, A
Chappell, E
Turkova, A
Le Coeur, S
Noguera-Julian, A
Goetghebuer, T
Doerholt, K
Galli, L
Pajkrt, D
Marquess, L
Collins, IJ
Gibb, DM
Tome, MIG
Navarro, M
Warszawski, J
Konigs, C
Spoulou, V
Prata, F
Chiappini, E
Naver, L
Giaquinto, C
Thorne, C
Marczynska, M
Okhonskaia, L
Posfay-Barbe, K
Ounchanum, P
Techakunakorn, P
Kiseleva, G
Malyuta, R
Volokha, A
Ene, L
Goodall, R
and the Swiss HIV Cohort Study